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Jeff Greinke
Big Weather

Big Weather


ABST 027


1x Vinyl LP Reissue



Release date

Oct 11, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded

ABST 027 - SP - 2022


Last Words



The Happy Isles



Their Secret Game



River Limba






Exploding White Stars



Hot Wire






Dirt Road


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YUNG DUMB is pleased to welcome the return of Westcoast Goddess (Delusions Of Grandeur, Lets Play House) for the label's first release of 2022.
Far over on the west coast of the USA we find a room full of drum machines, samplers and keyboards. Hard at work is Israel ‘Iz’ Gravning aka Tone Scientist, who’s been using this Seattle studio to produce genre-defying future music for more than 25 years.
The idea for Suemori's new alias arose (also known as Hoshina Anniversary) in conversation with Osàre! Editions label boss, Elena Colombi. An inheritance from his grandfather, the name sets the tone of the album that synthesises traditional Japanese instruments into an electronic format. Dub and drone’s eerie resonance collides with staccato electro and fizzling acid on ‘Yakkosan.’ Driven by a meditative beat, flutes and choral voices glide through 'Senpai Kouhai' while ‘Hankumoi’ shudders with lucid synth. The cultural iconography of Japan emerges from this dark, textual landscape, haunted both by the ghosts of the past and spectral sound of the future.
In a true celebration of Italian electronic music from across the generations, Bosconi is honoured to present unreleased works from the legendary Alexander Robotnick. A true titan of Florentine music who helped define the Italo disco scene with a glittering run of evergreen club classics, Robotnick is still as creative now in his 70s as he was when first firing off his trademark arpeggios in the early 1980s.Adding to the sense of occasion celebrating the foundations of the Italian scene, we're equally thrilled to welcome Marco Passarani to remix Robotnick's 'The Hidden Game'. His appropriately titled 'Legacy' mix operates as an alternate version in the traditional style, holding true to the essence of the original while offering a slightly altered perspective. It's a distinct mix with Passarani's own distinctive Italo flair plain to hear - if anything his version sounds more retro than the original - but it's still very much invested in what Robotnick created to begin with. Given the influence both these artists have had on the musical culture our own label is built on, this release holds a special place in our hearts, and we're excited to be sharing it with the world, where the throbbing basslines and sparkling pads can work their magic under the disco ball in a thousand dimly lit dance spots.
With a career spanning over 25 years of electro classics since his Rephlex debut, DMX Krew certainly needs no introduction. Remastered by the man himself and carefully selected by "Fred de chez WeMe", this double LP compiles some of his best tracks from his label "Breakin' Records" to date. A must-have to bring some old-skool flavour to your DJ sets.