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Keith Paul
Keith Paul

Keith Paul




1x Vinyl LP Album Reissue



Release date

Aug 4, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes excluded, shipping price excluded

LFRK02 - FR - 2023


What About Yesterday



Down At The Disco



Only Tears, Tears, Tears



What More






Shining Star



What I Go Through



Music Makes Me High


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Musica Per Immagini is glad to present the first vinyl release of Detto Mariano's “Delitto Al Ristorante Cinese”, the second original soundtrack in the so-called 'delitti' series. It's another classic iteration of the crime-comedy films that came out of the partnership between director Bruno Corbucci and actor Tomas Milian, a special connection that had started with the great success of “Squadra Antiscippo” and was followed by eleven more pictures, all centered on the character of Nico Giraldi, a former criminal who, while having become a cop, was unwilling to give up his in your face attitude and the Roman slang of the city's thieves. The score by the Italian composer is a mix of sounds characterized by a unique investigation of musical timbre. Nine tracks that cross the entire sound spectrum: electronic pulses, funk rhythms, jazz and Mediterranean sounds and some oriental atmospheres. A brief summary of the artist's creativity passed away a few months ago.
Warm / If The Feeling Is Right de Beverley SkeetePress play on Beverley Skeete’s ’Warm' and a wave of evocative, vivid images of sultry, sun-kissed summer days will wash over you.'Warm' is UK street-soul / electronic boogie at its finest. An infectious groove that features an amazing vocal performance invites you to fall in love. Beverley Skeete is an under-the-radar talent and you only need to dip into the sheer number of productions she has been involved with to see the pedigree of her artistry. It includes working with superstars such as Tina Turner, Chaka Khan, Bronski Beat, Elton John, Boy George, and Maxi Priest, to name just a few. She was also the vocalist for the 90s global house hit 'Passion' by Gat Decor. Beverley continues to work in music to this day and, in 2021, released her most recent album, 'Liberty’.'Warm' was Beverly's third solo single for the fabled UK record label Elite. Released in 1985, it was produced by the stellar underground production team of A Sojka / de Jongh Production. This duo is better known as Andy Sojka (Atmosfear, 3rd Army, et al) and Richard de Jongh. Elite was set up by Sojka in 1979 and was a hotbed for underground UK talent that often became staples of the most discerning US dancefloors too. 'Warm' and the equally remarkable soulful-dancer 'If The Feeling Is Right' are lesser-known jams from the label’s catalogue, but they have rightfully been championed by the diggers and collectors, and what beauties they are!Official Mr Bongo replica reissue of the original Elite release.
A joint release between Discos Nada & Litoral. One of the first independently released Brazilian records, Alcides Neves’ debut LP ‚Tempo de Fratura’ is reissued for the first time on vinyl, alongside his second release ‚Des (Trambelhar) Ou Não‘.Hailing from the Brazilian North East, Alcides Neves released his debut album a few years after moving to São Paulo, in 1979. The LP’s release coincided with the emergence of the city’s seminal Vanguarda Paulista movement, which led some researchers to locate Alcides within the movement. As the artist himself affirms; however, he did not fit into any established musical movements, and while it is perhaps possible to identify some influences, it is not possible to consider his music as belonging to a specific lineage either.Alcides’ singularity and experimental disposition is on full display on his opening album, which revels in its own disformity and lack of external interference, made possible by releasing the LP independently.The album translates to ‚Time of Fracture‘, a fitting moniker for the context in the final years of the Brazilian military dictatorship. The eleven songs that comprise the album are proof that the album was not named randomly, showcasing a broad range of both experimental and folk influences, while also including lyrics that originally did not get past federal censors.Carefully remastered by Paulo Torres with updated original artwork, the record is reissued in a gatefold sleeve including a promotional image from the time of release. This LP furthermore includes an insert with a text written by the journalist and researcher Bento Araujo, editor of the bimonthly publication ‚Poeira Zine‘ and author of the ‚Lindo Sonho Delirante‘ series of books.
Velly Joonas is a mysterious singer, who once wanted to become a soul singer, but later choose folk music instead.Frotee has released two recordings of cover versions from Estonian Radio archives, both tracks have Estonian lyrics written by herself. In 1983, she recorded an incredible version of "I See Red". Few years earlier she recorded lovely version of classic "Feel Like Makin' Love". Both previously unreleased, now available on 7" single!
Little Italy have a horn section that gives them that chromatic vivacity, a typically mutant funk guitar groove, two fatal and dazed female voices who speak many languages (English, French, Italian) reciting collages of cryptic texts evoking modernity through no-sense and cultured quotations; a funk thrill in the basslines and drums solutions that give a nod to the sly disco beat of a specific easy listening, elegant and refined Italo sound. A super-sophisticated sound with the right dose of fusion, proper New Wave, which in the more New-Yorker passages recalls the volcanic and sweaty sound of the contemporary and fellow citizens Bisca, another out-of-the-box band member. The warm Mediterranean wind blowing on some tracks certifies their origin and the exoticism leads Little Italy to drink from that oasis of escape.After all, the escape from a world that does not contemplate banality is the synthesis of the 1980s thought.