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New Highlights

Phat Kat's "Dedication To The Suckers" and "Re-Dedication To The Suckers" EPs! 3 EPs in total for the digital release. The A Side of the vinyl version includes "Dedication To The Suckers", originally released in 1999, this version includes 6 tracks all produced by J Dilla. The tracks are from the late 90s and early 00s. "Re-Dedication To The Suckers (U.S. Version)" was originally released in 2015 and is on the B Side of this vinyl release. 7 tracks all produced by Agor and with guest features from Guilty Simpson and Elzhi on the track "All Madden". The Euro Version of "Re-Dedication To The Suckers" is digital only, also produced by Agor, just different beats!
The funky, atmospheric, evocative and sometimes downright weird output of companies such as DeWolfe, Cavendish, Burton and the ubiquitous KPM have always been a guiding inspiration for ATA Records, as evidenced in the spooky soundtrack vision of The Sorcerers, the big band brass of The Yorkshire Film & Television Orchestra and even in the soul-jazz of The Lewis Express & Outer Worlds Jazz Ensemble. It only seemed natural for the team at ATA Records to scratch their own Library itch and so "The Library Archive Vol. 1" was born in 2019. Recorded over a series of sessions in the Aladdin's Cave of vintage recording equipment that is ATA studios, it featured many of the ATA stable of performers. Released in 2021, "The Library Archive Vol. 2" still had the golden age of European Library music squarely in it's sights, but this time the focus was drawn more to the off-kilter soul organ sound of Italian quartet I Marc 4. These two volumes garnered praise from Library aficionado Shawn Lee ("Holy F*$K this sounds great! ATA really smash the classic British Library sound. 10 out of 10") and the Don of British Library Music himself, Alan Hawkshaw. And so to "The Library Archive Vol. 3": taking heavy inspiration from Jungle Obsession 9 by Roger Roger, and The Feed-back, as well as Blaxploitation era composers such as Willie Hutch and Melvin Van Peebles, and the masterful and ingenious Roy Budd, "The Library Archive Vol. 3" draws deeply from the well of library greatness. Each track has been lovingly crafted with a keen ear for authenticity and the same eye for detail shown on 'The Library Archive' Vol. 1 & 2, recorded on the same instruments and equipment and with the same techniques as the music that inspired it, with a focus throughout on stripped-back rhythm sections topped by flute, vibes and vintage synths. With three volumes now out and another currently in R&D, The Library Archive will stand as a testament to the love the ATA producers and artists have for the original composers and performers.
The Key To Our Love Vol.2 highlights the rarer side of Sweet Soul by recording artists from the late 60s onwards.The album comprises of musicians who shared their hope & dreams through independent vinyl releases. The obscurity of these privately pressed singles limited their audience; originally released in small quantities and sold locally, the artists remained largely unknown but created some of the most poignant & timeless tracks.Each song released in direct collaboration with artists & producers, to highlight not only their music but their story.
In the mid-seventies, discotheques were booming in Tokyo and all over Japan. When the Fatback Band topped the 1975 US charts with their infectious "Do The Bus Stop" hit, Japanese label Victor put out the following year the first Japan made Disco tune with "Sexy Bus Stop", released under the mysterious name Dr. Dragon & Oriental Express, a pseudonym for successful Japanese pop composer Kyohei Tsutsumi. "Sexy Bus Stop" became an instant hit in the country and, taking this opportunity, various Japanese record companies started releasing Disco music. From 1976 until the early 1980s the music was often recorded by skilled studio musicians, rather than by computer input, providing a really solid sound to the dancefloor. Disco music was also spreading into TV series, commercials and anime. From Godiego's monster hit "The Birth Of The Odyssey - Monkey Magic" to Pink Parachute's obscure (and excellent!) "Disco Great Tokyo" tune, this selection explores some of the finest Disco and Boogie music released on the legendary Nippon Columbia label in the late seventies and early eighties.
A groundbreaking album, "El Maja" was released by The Robin Jones Seven in 1972.With originals now going for a wallet busting $400 (and up!) Jazz Room Records are pleased to make this long lost classic available once more.
Leicester producer and Out Of Joint record shop boss 8Ball makes his debut on Sneaker Social Club with the slick 11-tracker 'Eleusis'. His EPs and album on the Grade10 label, which he runs with mates, celebrate the afterparty and are rife in moody atmospherics and post-hardcore references. 'Eleusis' is a perfectly executed contribution to the continuum demonstrating a weightless take on Hardcore and Jungle.credits
First Word Records are very proud to bring you a new album from Don Leisure with Amanda Whiting.'Beyond The Midnight Sun' expands upon ground first explored on Don Leisure's track 'All Praises Due', which also featured Amanda (with Angel Bat Dawid), and featured on his previous album 'Shaboo Strikes Back'. This is a full-length project that these two formidable Welsh artists have collaborated on together.
Every now and again, a record carves itself an indelible place in the history of a place, a scene or a genre, all under its own steam – without a big budget, without a press campaign, without mainstream radio, just by hitting all the right notes at the right moment. Maybe you had to have been there to really feel it – locked into the pirate stations, a regular at the right clubs, or leaning on the counter in the right records shops on a Saturday afternoon – but if you were, there are some tunes that will always vibrate with the underground cultural energy of their time.Bô'vel's 1996 Manchester streetsoul anthem 'Check 4 U' is one of those tunes. The kind of song that makes the over-used phrase 'underground classic' mean something again, it effortlessly distills the sounds of its era into one of the most undeniable, genre-spanning cuts of the mid-1990s. The song resonates with the regional flavours of UK sound-system culture: the sweet club sound of Manchester's vibrant streetsoul scene, the dubwise hip-hop throb of the Bristol movement, and the bass-lore of the reggae sound systems whose wisdom stretched from Leeds to South London and beyond. Built around a humid kick drum and a bin-busting bass pulse arranged in head-nodding syncopation, the song is blessed with an instantly memorable harmonised hook, and perfectly set off by Bô'vel's crystalline vocals. Upful, stepping and tinged with melancholy, it remains one of the most well-loved and highly sought-after UK streetsoul sides.

Long Player Sessions

Paris-based multi-instrumentalist Emile Sornin is currently on an impressive run of releases: two film soundtracks for De Nos Frères Blessés by Hélier Cisterne (2020) and Babysitter by Monia Chokri (2022), and a recent and acclaimed solo album, L'Idiophone on Born Bad Records, for which he has been touring Europe since march.Forever Pavot is already back at it with his third film score for Monia Chokri's new movie Simple Comme Sylvain, inspired by Italian soundtracks and romantic grooves.
Over the past few years, London based DJ and curator Sam Don has shone new light into the Reggae sub-genre of Lovers Rock with his comps 'For the love of You'. His deep, yet deeply accessible selections have opened the ears of many to the genre.With this new compilation 'Just A Touch' Sam shines his torch even deeper, this time through crates of UK Underground Soul. He painstakingly researched and tracking down each producer to bring you some of the sweetest soul cuts that will ever grace your eardrums.Sam Don explains: Whilst the US is most well-known for soul music, the UK has created its own take on the genre, due to the melting pot of cultures and musical styles that makes the UK so special. I didn't 'set out' to make a compilation like this, but one night an idea came to me, and I sketched it out at home with my record collection. When I saw how well these sounds came together, I started my mission to find the people involved with them and 'Just A Touch' was created.
Introducing the vinyl reissue of the debut album from The Sorcerers. Reissued on limited white vinyl with new liner notes, The debut release was championed by Ethio-Jazz legend Mulatu Astatke on his Addis Abbaba radio show. The Sorcerers take influences from Ethiopiques Ethio-jazz as well as the soundtracks to the european horror films of the 60's and 70's and the british library music of the same era & blend them into one cohesive package. Made up of various stalwarts of the vibrant Leeds Jazz/World scene they were originally formed to contribute some tracks to the compilation "Funk, Soul & Afro Rarities: An Introduction To ATA Records" released in 2014 on Here & Now Records. After receiving a favourable response to their contributed tracks and garnering support from the likes of Strut records founder Quinton Scott and Radio 3's Nick Luscombe (Late Junction) they decided to develop their sound further before recording their debut album.
Young Gun Silver Fox are musical sorcerers. On "West End Coast", they've fashioned a fresh and modern sound that summons one of the most vibrant and influential epochs in popular music. The ten songs herein pay homage to 1970s Los Angeles, a golden age of recording that infused the pop charts and FM airwaves with a blend of soulful voices, immaculate melodies, stellar musicianship, and sophisticated studio technology.Recorded and mixed at Lee's Trans-Yank Studio in London, "West End Coast" straddles several sensibilities that are united by the duo's impeccable song writing. Each song is like a post card from their unique musical universe. Album opener "You Can Feel It" sets the tone with a soundscape that conjures the vastness of California's Pacific Coast Highway and a cool ocean breeze blowing through the chorus. London's West End sets the scene for "Emilia," with a little Sunset Strip flash fuelling the song's high octane grooves. "Better" casually sways from one chord progression to another as layers of different instrumentation are stirred into the mix and bring the song to a fever pitch. A strand of Philly-inspired soul threads through the DNA of "Distance Between Us" while "See Me Slumber" serves up a three-minute reverie of cascading melodies.
Freestyle Records presents the greatest hits and rare grooves from legendary UK lovers group, The Investigators. First issued in 1991, this compilation collects together the groups late 1970s to mid-1980s recordings.
Comet is pleased to announce the third volume of the Afrobeat Makers Series: Nu Guinea - The Tony Allen Experiments.By re-working the original magic drum patterns from the Afrobeat master Tony Allen, Nu Guinea created a compilation of tracks which is charged by a voluminous electronic jazz- Psyche funk imprint.For this release, Comet Records teamed up with Early Sounds Recordings, the berlin label, also home to duo Berliners Nu Guinea.The Naples formed, Berlin-based duo, is a project that arose out of jam sessions, melting synthesizers with instruments, containing a handmade sound that is not aiming for perfection but genuineness. It can be understood as a steadily shaping form, always open for collaborations with other musicians.
Many artists achieve greatness but very few produce work that is so moving it's considered sacred. Whether you choose to call them hymns, psalms or spirituals, their songs are a healing force for troubled times. We feel close to these prophets, in recognition of their uncommon labours. It is as if they have given all of themselves, body and soul, through music.We can safely say that our Spiritual Jazz series would not exist without the inspiration and leadership of the spiritual messiah that is John Coltrane. It can only be right and proper that we dedicate a whole album to his legacy and lasting influence. Spiritual Jazz 15 – A Tribute to 'Trane shines a spotlight on the reverence in which the saxophonist is held in so many ways.On one hand our selection displays cover versions of his songs performed by the musicians he inspired; disciples to Coltrane the messiah, who chose to give praise to the one who laid a foundation for them. The listener will also encounter original music written in honour of Coltrane that underlines the endless presence he has had among artists from different backgrounds and eras.The preacher may have ascended to a higher plane, but his congregation is still right down here on the ground. Ten songs to lift the spirits of everyone, everywhere.

Jukebox Jams

This time we pay tribute to the overlooked work of italian musician Luciano Zanetti. Still relatively unknown to most, he was born in Lecco, where he graduated in violin and piano at the local Conservatorio, but then focused on acoustic and electric guitar, spending most of his life as a musician and teacher.The only recorded evidences ever published by Zanetti are incidentally just two disco-related 45s. The one presented here, “Volo Delta”, was a synth driven space disco track released in 1976 on Zanetti’s own private label Rot, at least two years before such niche subgenre found its way into disco productions.
Legofunk 7 inch series no. 13. Bringing together two excellent set of edit for all the aficionados of this genre.Revamped disco flavour tracks for the modern dance floor, to make this release a sure fire winner.
Come out of Darkness (Vocal & Dub) by Spanky Brown
Following the success of their last collaboration with Isaac Chambers and Dub Princess, their multi-million streaming remix of ‘Kryptology’, they’ve returned the favour and refried their 'Back to my Roots' track, adding their own special dubwise flavours to the easy skanking original.This Record Store Day Dubmission Records are releasing a limited run 7” vinyl featuring both vocal and dub cuts.
Stix Records, a sub-label of Favorite Recordings, is back with some heavy dub cuts from label regular Mato with its usual special skills as a tailor of reggae music.On Side A, Mato focuses on the infamous "Summer Madness", originally composed by Kool & The Gang. Providing a fresh dub rework, the song will make you dream of hot wet summer nights, gently rocked by beautiful guitar melodies and sweet Fender Rhodes chords. Just a perfect match for all forthcoming summers of love!On Side B, Mato takes care of "Use Me", originally composed by Bill Withers on his Still Bill album. Expect funky and bouncy clavinets and a nice melodica line for this rework of a timeless classic. As Mato once said, "Play it loud and burn a chalice!"Starting his reggae production career in 2006, Thomas Blanchot (aka Mato) has released music through various projects on EDR Records, Big Singles or Makasound ... In the meantime he developed a real trademark, taking over classics French, Hip-Hop, or Pop song, into roots reggae-dub new versions. Besides, since 2010, Mato has built a solid reputation thanks to his hot remixes of Hip-Hop classics on Stix Records.