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La Rama
Slipmat - Bienvenue Recordings

Slipmat - Bienvenue Recordings

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Slipmat - Bienvenue Recordings


La Rama



Slipmat - Bienvenue Recordings


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NAGAOKA replacement needle of the M44G cartridge, which is widely used by DJs around the world. After the discontinuation of production of the previously sold NAGAOKA GD63-44G replacement needle, the specifications were reviewed and newly developed.Without losing the frugal toughness that is the biggest characteristic of the original 44G, more powerful sound pressure, And it realizes a powerful sound with a delicate wide range.
The velvet reaches deep into the record grooves and removes even the finest dust particles. The brush itself can be easily cleaned using the two foam rubber scrapers located on both sides of the plastic brush base.
Issue 5, Volume 2. Along with the cover stars of Pharoah Sanders and Anri, the issue features Ron Trent, Dexter Wansel, Carolyn Crawford, Hyldon, Linda Lewis, Lance Ferguson, Psychic Mirrors, Liv.e, Bernard Wright plus Re:Discoveries, Record Rundowns and more...
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