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Legacy EP

Legacy EP




1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM



Release date

Mar 1, 2020

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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7DAYSBBZ001 - US - 2020


If You Don't Dance Ft. Marc


Free Roaming


Hellraiser (Bdb)


Monkey See

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For EPMmusic's 100th release we're throwing it back to another milestone. Last year, EPM celebrated 20 years in the business of Digital Distribution and Rights Management with a series of vinyl EPs and a compilation on our in-house label. Now we've enlisted Shed, CYRK, Inigo Kennedy and Works of Intent – all artists who we've had the pleasure to work with in the last 2 decades – to remix some of those 'EPM20' tracks.
Following a stellar run of releases and contributions from the likes of N-GYNN, LVCA, Thoma Bulwer, Voigtmann, Dawl & Desert Sound Colony, the transcontinental Superlux imprint announce their 8th edition by way of Paul Blackford’s ‘Weekend Warrior’ EP.
Sex tapes from Mars' third release comes in the form of 4 joyous hits of euphoria courtesy of Australian party-starter, Aldonna.Angel Numbers excitedly bounces and bounds through its tracklist and the numerous blissed-out grooves within it. The EP kicks off with the psychedelic, poem-sampling 'Divine Time' before switching to the driving rhythms and glistening synths of 'Ikigai' (featuring Sam Alfred).On the B-side, Aldonna dedicates the airy keys and phasing delays of 'Ella' to a friend who encouraged her to keep on dreaming. Finally, Cromby takes 'Divine Time' and reduces it down to its raw elements for clubland functionality whilst still retaining the threads of the originals buoyant tonality.A love letter to her friends and her self, this is trance music at its most hopeful. Get those hands in the air and smile.
Two years have passed since their previous Inflict LP and we don’t really know how what recently happened impacted on the band’s mastermind Michael but what’s sure is that Veil Of Light are now a fully grown-up band.Landslide is their fifth full-length (and their third on Avant!) and it’s definitely their most elaborated album.Ten new songs, rather than the usual eight, with a perfect balance of Coldwave-inspired intimate atmosphere and synthpop catchy melodies. Musically speaking it’s still clear where the Swiss duo draws their influences from, right in between New Order’s moodiness and The Klinik trying one softer, less brutal approach to their Electro. But a new sense of privacy is reflected all through these new tracks, enhanced by lyrics now more personal than ever.The Prayer Wheel is a page torn out of a private diary, Love And Money is a mechanical mantra for a no-way-out situation; Suburban War is a confession of defeat whispered at night, No Return is the last dance before reaching the point of.This is the kind of record that takes its time, and takes its toll, we just need to sit down and listen because there’s much to discover.
Far over on the west coast of the USA we find a room full of drum machines, samplers and keyboards. Hard at work is Israel ‘Iz’ Gravning aka Tone Scientist, who’s been using this Seattle studio to produce genre-defying future music for more than 25 years.
Andy Rantzen 'Return to the Source' provides an insight into the mysterious mind behind the man who has shone light on the Australian electronic music scene since the early 90s. Seven deep percussive heavy electronic funk jams, brimming with the beauty of hardware imperfections and pleasant surprises; making ideal tools for the daring dj looking to lead ears to a dimension where machines do the talking. Made between '97 and '20.