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Instrumental Dubs #2

Instrumental Dubs #2






1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Instrumental Dubs #2 with various artists (Tracy Kerr, Harold Melvin The Blue Notes, Diater Edwards, Mad Professor, Original Rockers) on Isle Of Jura.

Pressed on 180g Heavyweight Vinyl.

Welcome to ‘Instrumental Dubs #2’, a deep dive into the world of the Dub version and beyond. The A side has a distinct boogie feel, starting slow with a George Kerr produced cut from 1984 followed by a Brit Funk-esq instrumental from Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes originally released on the Philly World label (home to ‘Voice of Q’). The B side closes with the ‘Sweeter’ instrumental mix of Boogie bomb ‘Loving Sweet Devotion’ by Idiater Edwards.

The B side opens with ‘H2S04’ from Mad Professor that defies categorisation, sitting somewhere between Electro, Disco and Dub. Last but by no means least there’s an uptempo Dub mix of Original Rockers ‘Push Push’ making its first appearance on Vinyl having only been on the CD single release first time around.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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ISLELP012 - AU - 2024


Tracy Kerr - If U Want My Loving (Dub)


Harold Melvin The Blue Notes - Todays Your Lucky Day (Dub)


Diater Edwards - Loving Sweet Devotion (Sweeter Mix)


Mad Professor - Hs204


Original Rockers - Push Push The Underwater World Of Jah (Couteau Mix)

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