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Reda Dare



Reda Dare




1x Vinyl 12" EP Limited Edition

Release date

Jun 8, 2021



Media: VG+i
Sleeve: Generic


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BAM005 - FR - 2021













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U-TRAX sublabel Phoq U Phonogrammen was created for raw acid and techno and Fanon Flowers fitted that bill perfectly. His debut as a recording artist was also the first release on Phoq U in 1995.The Sleeper EP is critically acclaimed by those who know, with tracks like Flim Flam that will get everybody bouncing. The real gem is hidden on the B-side though, where Serinity lives, a completely mental and beautiful tripping techno jam. The term "vintage techno" couldn't be explained better than with this release.Fanon Flowers had been dissed by a record company, a so-called 'underground' label from south of Detroit even before he ended up with Phoq U. As a student he lived in Ypsilanti nearby Detroit, but he is from Kalamazoo originally, the hometown of Jay Denham, the genius responsible for one of the best techno 12"-es ever made: Fade II Black on Derrick May's Fragile Records. Inspired by Jay, he picked up producing tracks himself and in 1992, and made some raw, lo-fi analog 909/101-tracks.Original release date: February 1995.
Mondo Groove delights us with a limited edition reissue of the very rare italian electronic library music record released in 1985 by Antimo Serino and Danielle Brochard under the name The Basic Group.
Panic is the very first pseudonym of the legendary DJ and producer Aubrey, also renowned to have set the seminal label Solid Groove in the early '90s which includes licensing from the likes of Derrick May, Carl Cox, Pete Tong. The original release "Dialated Rhythms / Last Injection" fully remastered and reissued via the Italian La Bella Di Notte, is a sublime mix of techno and sophisticated breakbeat for a hypnotic journey all the way through any classic warehouse parties.
Isle Of Jura’s second longplayer reissue is an album from Ingleton Falls that touches upon Ambient, Dub, House and Balearic styles and was originally released in 1991 as a limited run of 100 self distributed cassette tapesIngleton Falls are Andy Hannam Seymour and Andy Eardley from Tyne and Wear in Newcastle. Having come from a more traditional band background originally, Ingleton Falls was their electronic project and the result of a love of acts like Dub Syndicate, African Headcharge, Gary Clail, The Orb and The KLF. Andy Hannam Seymour remembers “It was a very creative time musically, there was a lot going on around us that used new technology. I was excited by the possibilities. Up until then I'd been playing guitar with a more traditional drums/bass/guitar/vocal band with all the 'musical differences' that entailed (the two bands ran side by side for a while). I also liked the idea that you could write and record a piece of music that was ready to release yourself, rather than it being a demo or having to pay a lot of cash for studio time. That DIY aspect was a lot of fun.” The album is split into 2 parts, ‘Aware’ and ‘Unaware’. Andy explains “We decided that 'side1' and side2' were pretty dull and came up with the aware and unaware division based on a kind of enlightened and unenlightened mind kind of idea. The unaware side had the tunes with themes like necrophilia and samples of christians and the aware side was more expansive mindful themes.” Equipment used the make the album included a Cheetah SX16 sampler, Alesis HR16 Drum Machine, Yamaha FG440 Acoustic Guitar, Tokai Stratocaster Guitar and an Atari ST computer running a Steinberg Pro 24 sequencing program (from floppy disk!). Due to a lack of sampling memory sounds were added live from cassette into the final mixes. 25 years later these songs finally reach a wider audience, initially via a limited cassette release followed 6 weeks later by the 180 Gram Heavyweight LP.
Quality techno from this Dutch Techno Don! A stalwart of the Dutch techno scene since the mid nineties, Jeroen Schrijvershof has been ploughing his own furrow aside from the typical norms and standards of the techno scene with lasting integrity and unflinching dedication throughout the years. A coinage derived from the sharp, clinically designed blends he has come to be known for, that Search-sound has long established as a blueprint for DJs seeking laser-guided weaponry into their sets, and Jeroen's maiden effort for RYC follows that very guideline. Starting with the massive pound of the title-track, "Enigma", the EP knocks into your system with blunt force, ushering us into a no-frills corridor of hydraulic kicks and sizzling static.