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Toy Tonics Italomania

Toy Tonics Italomania






2x Vinyl 12" Compilation



Release date

Jul 30, 2021

Toy Tonics Italomania various artists on Toy Tonics.

8 reworks of rare and unexpected italian disco and funky pop music from the 1970ies. Not the usual electronic Italodisco classics, but here come some more organic sounding band-disco music from the time of 1976 - 82. Positive vibrations and high quality dance pop reworked for today’s advanced dancefloors by Toy Tonics head honcho KAPOTE and his Italian friends BPlan and Paul Older. Some of these edits already have been released as bandcamp only, but because of extreme demand for vinyl Toy Tonics did this limited edition double vinyl release.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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GBR035 - DE - 2021


Kapote - Bella (Kapote Rework)


Paul Older - Confusione (Paul Older Rework)


Paul Older - La Strega (Paul Older Rework)


BPlan - Sesso Spaghetti (BPlan Rework)


Kapote - Patty Pally (Kapote Rework)


BPlan - Il Treno (BPlan & Fab_o Rework)


BPlan - Mia Cara (BPlan & Fab_o Rework)


Paul Older - Bye (Paul Older Rework)

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