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Carpet Ride / Touch Down

Carpet Ride / Touch Down






1x Vinyl 7" Single



Release date

Jan 27, 2024



Carpet Ride / Touch Down by Jambonne on Space Grapes.

The space grapes strike back with a sizzling hot 7" from Jambonne.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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SGP003 - EU - 2021


Carpet Ride



Touch Down


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Keyboardist and composer Carl Moore originally wrote, recorded and pressed only 100 (!) copies of these tracks, grabbing a quick moment of studio time during a tour of Japan in the early 1980s. Moore’s purple patch saw him becoming peers with artists such as Phyllis Hyman, Jean Carn, Janet Jackson and ‘The King of Gospel’, James Cleveland.Carter Lake is an energetic 2 minutes 30 second blast of pure dance floor joy, that looks back at carefree days, teenage love and love lost. Moore’s voice soars, and showcases his love for the powerful stylings of jazz and gospel. On the flip, Must Be The Beat sees him explore very different textures and could easily be a long lost Prince recording found in the vaults in Paisley Park. Sounding like something jammed late at night, this one is perfect for the afterhours when there are 30 sweaty dancers left on the floor at 5am that just don’t want to go home!This is the first release on Sweet Free Association, a new label founded by Sam Don, the DJ and curator responsible for the recent lovers rock and UK soul comps For The Love of You and Just A Touch. Born out of the wish to find another way of sharing ‘the fruits’ from his Free Association radio show and parties, these impossibly rare disco tracks are now available to a wider audience for the first time, as the vast majority of the original copies have been long lost.Mastered at The Carvery, the lo-fi recordings have been skilfully lifted by Frank Merritt to sound big in the club, while retaining the original charm in the sound that made the tracks stand out to Sam in the first instance.
Completely unknown album by Salah Ragab's Cairo Jazz Band vocalist Maha, recorded in Cairo in 1979. Features productions by Hany Shenoda of Al Massrieen. Maha’s “Orkos,” originally released on cassette, is one of these standout musical diamonds that combines Jazz and Egyptian vocal traditions with Funk, Latin and Soul.
Bottin brings us this juicy Artifact 4-tracker in super-limited-quantities. Dulce De Luna is an acid disco weapon with some sabor latino. Volver Al Campo is a psychedelic cosmic ritual chant (sounds like Adriano Celentano maxi-dosing mushrooms in the Italian countryside). El Caballero Oscuro serves as the main theme from John Carpenter's space-horror flick shot in the extraterrestrial jungle (only he didn't make that movie, yet) - Finally, we get a slab of low-hip high-energy madness for hardcore Italo heads (those who want the hypnotic synth machinery, not the demented vocals).
The Key To Our Love Vol.2 highlights the rarer side of Sweet Soul by recording artists from the late 60s onwards.The album comprises of musicians who shared their hope & dreams through independent vinyl releases. The obscurity of these privately pressed singles limited their audience; originally released in small quantities and sold locally, the artists remained largely unknown but created some of the most poignant & timeless tracks.Each song released in direct collaboration with artists & producers, to highlight not only their music but their story.
Another one from the fruitful collaboration with LA's highly regarded Patrick Houchen aka Shakaman. After Shakeena's “I bet you” 12" re-issue flying off the shelves, we deepen the exploration within Shakaman's treasure chest of Reggae/Dub gems with Shakeena's first and last album on Majicaa Records. Originally released in 1987, this album is a proper act of musical generosity, not so easy to point out the “hit” track here – clearly a case of all killer no filler. Unlike too many albums where the format length sadly gets the best of the artists' work, rest assured with this one you can play from the beginning to end and you'll only have to come back to flip it. The professional execution of what is hands down an ensemble of highly seasoned musicians sets the tone for the dreamy lyrics and arrangements to unravel. Besides expected reggae rhythms, Shakaman brings in other influences with subtle electro/freestyle hints that might have been hard to ignore in LA at the time. New remastered version sounding especially big and cozy on the low end. Can't go wrong!