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New World

New World






1x Vinyl LP Album Stereo



Release date

Sep 1, 2021

New World is the fourth album from Nipaluna (Tasmania) via Meanjin (Brisbane) based artist Scraps. Over the past ten years, Scraps has proven to be one of the biggest unsung heroes in the Australian music underground. Her sound draws links between 80s and 90s synth pop and club music whilst remaining firmly set in the contemporary Australian underground. Her first album since 2016’s highly regarded “TTNIK” - New World takes us deeper into her infectious universe of abstracted wave classics, free form humour and contagious songwriting. These are charming pop songs with a certain indistinguishable glow floating around them. This album sees Scraps distilling what we love about her sound even further to produce one of her most realized albums to date.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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MWN060 - OZ - 2021


New World



Hot Sauce









Notes For A Sunday



Cosmic Funnii



Silver Moon





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