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The Hollow Sound Of The Morning Chimes / Anything

The Hollow Sound Of The Morning Chimes  / Anything
The Hollow Sound Of The Morning Chimes  / AnythingThe Hollow Sound Of The Morning Chimes  / AnythingThe Hollow Sound Of The Morning Chimes  / AnythingThe Hollow Sound Of The Morning Chimes  / Anything






1x Vinyl 7" 33 ⅓ RPM



Release date

Oct 12, 2021


Rock Pop

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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ABT050 - CA - 2021




The Hollow Sound Of The Morning Chimes

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Manufactured and distributed by La Rama in Canada. We are extremely proud to help present this work to the world. Full art sleeve, poly lined inner sleeve and lyric sheet.Shops please contact for copies.Bernardino Femminielli is proud to present his first 2020 LP L’Exil. The album is composed of lost Plaisirs Américains sessions recorded in Montréal, Quebec. Lyrics were written and recorded in Paris and Berlin in 2019 and mixed again in Montréal in early 2020 by producerDominic Vanchesteing (Plaisirs Américains, Double Invitation). L’Exil is the “pre-conclusion” (Prequel / Part 0) to two other LP’s— Johnny 4ever (Part I) and Nobody’s Boy: Johnny (Part II)
The Zru-esque adventure takes its suite with a full-length LP recorded in adventurous (avant) times. No time left for the deliverance of these melodious flights, playful tribalistic cadences and surrealistic lyrics. Art-Funk duo Zru Vogue tackles avec grand-chic inner themes in order to let the listener get lost in the domain of dreams and spirituality. Surfing on Californian rocks, Andrew L. Jackson & Rick Cuevas affirm here their heretic talent in an non-angular form. Zru is a (post) 'beat' poet.
Inimate British pop for fans of Spike, The Cleaners From Venus, Felt, Durutti Column, Black Ark Studios and Aladdin. Charming lost tapes from the early ‘80s, treasured only by family members until now."Jim and I met at university in Liverpool in nineteen seventy-five and immediately began making music together. We both had rooms in the same big Victorian house in the centre of town and our evenings were spent hanging out in the nightclubs of Toxteth, like Dutch Eddie's where the DJ played Trinidadian music all night long.Liverpool has always been somewhere with its own distinctive culture, poetry, and music. In the nineteen seventies it was absolutely magical. The city was still bathed in the afterglow of the Beatles and there was a kind of creative anarchy about the place. There was this band called Death Kit who used to put on multi-media events with people in fancy dress and random bits of theatre. We'd turn up completely out of our heads and it felt like we were deconstructing ourselves as individuals.After we left college, Jim began living in Cambridge and I returned to London where I'd grown up, but our musical relationship continued. We knew people who were making commercial sounds and having success with them but that wasn't what we wanted to do. We performed occasionally, albeit very erratically, mostly as a duo but sometimes with other musicians.What we were really interested in was musical exploration. Jim built a studio in his back garden, bought some multi-track recording equipment, and began experimenting. We wanted to produce something that was just for ourselves. We were undoubtedly very naïve but naivety and innocence were hallmarks of that time.In my childhood, I'd been fascinated with the story of Aladdin. Now that fascination began to be reflected in the music we were making. Here was a story about a boy who transforms his world and enters the magical realm. That seemed to be exactly what was happening to me. For all sorts of reasons, I hadn't particularly enjoyed my childhood but now I had managed to step out of the everyday reality, to find a place where I belonged and where I had a kind of power.The name we used for the band came from a song recorded in 1949 by a singer called Mel Torme. There's a line in that song that goes, "Careless Hands don't care when dreams slip through." That seemed appropriate since dreams were part of the territory we were exploring.I had got married immediately after leaving college and by now I had a daughter who was afraid to go to sleep at night. She wanted me to be present in her dreams with her. That became the inspiration for a period during which Jim and I tried to recreate the shifting landscape of the night-time imagination.Unfortunately, the choice of name turned out to be horribly prophetic when in a freak accident Jim fell into a lake and was drowned. It seemed to me that for some time, he had not been paying enough attention to his own life. So I wasn't exactly surprised when I heard the news but I was completely devastated. After Jim's death, I put away his guitar and never played again. I went on to make a career as a novelist.Most of the recordings we produced were lost over the years. A bunch of master tapes was accidentally thrown into a dumpster and others were left in the attic of a house I lived in at some time during the nineteen nineties. This album has been pieced together from fragments that somehow survived the cull."- Brian Keaney November 2020
Man Made Hill/ Olaf split 7" by Man Made Hill/OlafPlanet Ontario traveller, Man Made Hill, meets Jeremy Greenspan at the controls for this sonic snack which weds signature sounds from the king of sleaze with a new sheen to his slick. Atomized melodies swirl atop boomy bass drops as the crusty crooner bellows & whispers his unique utterances of unbridled love & lust. A woozy stepper that must be heard to be comprehended.Mysterious newcomer, Olaf, is coming in hot & heady with this emotionally dense banger that forgoes clarity for an unhinged catharsis. Swimming through synthy miasma, Olaf’s impassioned vocals dive deep into raw feelings before coming up for air. A chugging, sluggish house beat pulls us along as this fresh-faced contender flexes what she’s got & leaves us wondering & wanting.

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