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DJ Kicks

DJ Kicks




2x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Jan 1, 2021

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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K7398LP - DE - 2021


Pépe - Recollection


Harry Wolfman - LOTF


Cleanfield - Conflict With Clayton


Disclosure - Deep Sea


Simon Hinter - Wanna Make Love


&on&on - Don't Say A Word


M-High - Harmony In The Distance


Slum Science - Mezmerized


Disclosure - Observer Effect


Arfa x Joe - Recognise

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Ashee’s music fires on all cylinders. Not preoccupied with subtlety, the music punches you on the nose and won’t be ringing you the next day to apologise. A punk ethos pulls together sinister 90s techno energy, rave goosebumps euphoria, and face-twisting garage basslines from the subwoofer of a modified Vauxhall Corsa skidding past a kebab shop.
Alle is also known by Central, El Trick and many other monikers you have inevitably come across. A figure head of the Denmark scene branching out from the Help/Regelbau labels, Natal Zaks ability to go wherever his mind needs to musically is ever more present with each release.This is his second full length offering as Alle, Natal's dreamy Pop side full of innocence and creativity. Don't miss out on this.
NDATL Muzik · NDATL 032 Miranda Nicole - Build A Bridge (DJ Beloved & Jihad Mumammed Remixes)
MAGICAL by Ze in the Clouds
After featuring on the label with a contribution to Erell Ranson’s “Hand In Hand” Remix EP in 2018, SUED co-operator SW. punches back in on KOC with a hectic six-track sonic journey by way of inaugural transmission.Crest-surfing the margins betwixt abstract beat-making, hardware experimentation and further explosive club-ready wares, the German producer breaks the trip in with the tropical hot "ariaJA" - reeling out a savvy mashup of animalian field recording, spaced-out FXs and loopy elastic bounce.Cranking up the heat, a notch further, "moonNEWsoon" pulls out a hot mix of muscle-aching breaks, jackin' n’ smackin' toms and iridescent synth stabs, all coated with a thick sauce of mind-boggling machine stunts. Trading its gridlocked intro for an aqueously luxuriant design throughout, gOiOsee has us deep-diving in an all-blue scenario where each element finds itself draped in richly-hued envelopes.Flip sides and here comes the further shape-shifting, non-formulaic "mASsLESS", which invites us to see straight through glassy cascades of skittish snares, gummy synth arpeggios and futuristic chimes as an Eden of AI-rendered birdsongs and forgotten melodies come to life before our eyes.Back to a more dynamic mindset, “justMUST4y brings lush flights of altered piano chords and pop-informed harmonics face to face with a gritty, metronomic drum work to weave another singularly off-kilter epic SW. holds the secret of, right before "VFXpeaksTWIN" wraps it all up in a soul-invigorating, Twin Peaks-scented and horizon-broadening ambient finale.

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