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Masahiro Takahashi
Flowering Tree, Distant Moon

Flowering Tree, Distant Moon




1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Feb 5, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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TER086 - CA - 2022


Torch Dance



Spring At Home



Frog Into The Pond



Forget Me Not






Yellow Sunset



Endless Thought



Dripping Rain



Moon Rabbit





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Sangre Voss’ ability to intoxicate percussion, brew tight forward thinking rhythms and offer all tempo’s of a club night proceedings make his ‘Konon EP’ his most fluid to date.Connecting the dots between the raw and the profoundly modern - this record unifies the elements of progressive dance music in a way only someone with his production ability could reach. Spun out chug, high tempo whirlwinds and powerful leading melodies make this one a catch - CHECK.
Tagliabue’s cosmic music is a transcendental journey through introspection and imagination. The latter has no limits, when stimulated by sounds that slowly shade and snake deeply in the listener’s conscious.With “Ambiente Sonoro” the Milan based DJ and producer now introduces his debut mini-album. The concept is inspired by the Italian library music of the 70s from Daniela Casa, Egisto Macchi and Piero Umiliani, characterized by the extensive use of electronic, experimental and psychedelic sounds. It is arranged and produced in a contemporary way, alternating dark ambient, tribalistic sounds mixed with abstract electronic and IDM influences from artists such as Biosphere, Higher Intelligence Agency, Global Communication or Coil.His experience as a music selector and his previous works anticipate the character of this concept album. A record that cannot be placed in a specific genre.Ancestral rhythms, post-industrial waves, apocalyptic chants and drones, suggest a mental projection into a new planetary system consisting of six bodies with different landscapes kept in orbit by a cosmic sound perturbation. A dreamy state of emotional, protracted and reflective abandonment.
Welcome to the world of Night Time Transmissions -- here/hear the anxious calls of sleepless tenants, interdisciplinary collaborations, night walks, urgent canons and chants of cosmic healing. Bergur Anderson's first album is an ode to the voice, and a deep dive into the rich waters of polyphony and polyphonic storytelling.
On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the release of the Mysteries of Science compilation. Mysteries of Science aka Dominic Woosey was a fixture of the ambient, ambient house and trance scene in the late 80s until the mid 90's.These selections have been carefully chosen to show the timeless sound crafting Dominic was capable with his wide array of sound modules. They range from space music, ambient to a proto-techno and back again. In the vein of Berlin School ambient or Tangerine Dream type sequencing, but made during the post-rave world of the early 1990s during the chill out era. Tracks to search the stars with! All of them are here for the first time on vinyl and were chosen in this order for the best listening experience.
While volume two of Dat Pressure's Rip N Run may have already hit the streets, now they're back-pedalling to volume one - OCD garage heads rejoice. As ever label boss Noodles is on hand with more essential wares from the vaults, this time enlisting the mighty Dub Child as a partner in crime. These jams veer towards the breakstep end of the garage spectrum, all boom bap drums and stuttered grooves, not least on the massive but spacious "We Go." "Zip It Up" packs in plenty of rootsy dub tones and soul vocal licks to match the skittering drums, and "Smoking Circles" gets into an almost techy strain of broken beat honed for serious dancefloor consumption. Just hold tight for the bass drop on that last one - it's a monster.DPR Recordings · Groovechronicles Zip It Up Rip n Run vol 1
Ampoule, doing things their own way since 1998. After repressing two classic Pub records, they now shine a light on the Lucky & Easy archives.Lucky & Easy's take on IDM and deep techno took in influences from The Black Dog, Torsten Profock and Detroit. Rather than operating out of London, Manchester or Berlin, this stuff was coming from East Kilbride, a new town next to Glasgow thats probably best known for its roundabouts and being the home of Jesus & Mary Chain and Rubadub's very own Mother Mark. Back then it sounded like nothing else and today it still sounds just as vital. 'Cheeky' Speaker' compiles long out of print rarities taken from early Ampoule 12's and their Talent Hoover sub-label and previously unheard mixes.All remastered and cut by D&MSome info on the tracks from Lucky & EasyA1. Bully SwimmerA2. Kiss It BetterA3. Night RainbowsB1. WiggedThese are from AMP01EP - Ampoule Records first release, only 480 copies were made never been repressed since. And that master cut was pretty terrible to be fair.B2. Don't Play With TractorsTaken from 'Electro Lix Sick' a limited edition 50 x 3"cd on Talent Hoover Discs.B3. Puddle PupIs an exclusive mix of the original 'Puddled Up' which was released on the cd compilation on Ampoule 'Hookahs'C1. Pimp Soul SistersIs an exclusive mix of 'Pimp Sole Blisters' Taken from 'Electro Lix Sick' a limited edition 50 x 3"cd on Talent Hoover Discs.C2. KitefingerRemastered from the original release on the cd compilation on Ampoule's 'Hookahs'C3. In 3 MindsIs an exclusive mix of 'In Three Minds' Taken from 'Triple Warmer ep' on Earplug.D1. TitswingTitswing was recorded at Rubadub's infamous 69 party in Paisley, ScotlandD2. Pericardium EightPericardium 8* Is an exclusive mix of 'Pericardium Eight' Taken from 'Triple Warmer ep' on Earplug.

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