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Andrea Dama





1x Vinyl 12" 45 RPM Limited Edition



Release date

Apr 1, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: Generic


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JWTWN07 - US - 2022









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Paris via Lyon based Planet Trip family GFH drop their first EP and the freaky 13th disc on the labels forever expanding catalogue. 5 diverse cuts dialling into deep downtempo chuggers and breezy tropical triiips, plus a peak time heater on the flip given the magic touch remix treatment by everyone's favourite Lipelis. Another heavy disc with moods and grooves for all hours of the dance.
Tresor is proud to present the debut split 12" from Chloe Lula and Ireen Amnes. Meeting in the darker, harder-edged side of the Berlin techno scene in 2019, the pair have regularly collaborated and performed together, but Synergy marks the first time they've shared a record sleeve. Amnes describes Synergy as "the world we built while thinking about our journey as friends and the connection we share as people and artists," and while the record highlights their relationship and shared influences, it alsoshowcases how each has grown into their respective lane.
This long-awaited inaugural release from DJ Fred Spider's Voom Voom Records visits an iteration of the legendary South African jazz funk ensemble of the 20th century. Spirits Rejoice recorded two incredible jazz fusion albums in the late 70’s with amble lashings of funk and soul. As the currents of popular music shifted in the 1980s, the group got behind a modern dance side project led by guitarist Paul Petersen and produced by the genius Patric Van Blerk.
Causal Chain founder laced is a DJ and producer from Montreal, Quebec, drawing influence from UK bass, IDM, techno and breakbeat. In 2018, she released her first EP “Define This Mood” under her moniker Lacedetail on Toronto label Summer Isle. She is part of Saudade, a musical project inspired by industrial dub, ambient and jazz with harpist Marilou Lyonnais Archambault. For the past 4 years, they have been hosting a monthly show on Montreal web radio In 2020, she co-founded the label audio bambino with her partner and close friends while discovering an infinite realm of club sounds all over the Internet.oko is laced’s sophomore EP under her new moniker, which takes a new path compared to her previous noise explorations. Drawing inspiration from ambient music, dreampop, video game and anime soundtracks, breakbeat and IDM, the music conveys a dream world where the artist tends to escape in. The EP was produced over the course of 2021 since laced’s 2020 MUTEK performance in Montreal, taking a melodic approach in contrast to her more percussive productions. oko is best consumed under a pile of warm blankets or under the rain, its energy being one of catharsis, contemplation, healing and dreaming.
Lance Ferguson's Raregroove Spectrum is a collection of newly recorded versions of classic funk, soul, jazz and latin vinyl rarities, which features some of Melbourne's finest musicians across the album, including past and present members of The Bamboos, The Putbacks and Hiatus Kaiyote.This 2 track single provides just a hint of what delights the full Raregroove Spectrum album contains - Lance explains that much of the inspiration for the re-works comes from his experience as a DJ; "Some of these versions can almost be looked at as DJ re-edits, sometimes we're extending what may be a really short track into something longer, or teasing out the elements in a song that really make it work on a dance-floor. It's essentially what someone does with a club re-edit, except we went the extra step and re-recorded the whole thing with a live band".