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1x Vinyl 12" EP

Release date

Sep 2, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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ZZZ01 - UK - 2022


Under The Velvet


The B Is For Bass


My Speaking Voice


Blue Bag

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Introducing the second edition of our ceremonial covenant, ‘Previously Undisclosed Rituals II’. This year we’ve been blissfully cursed by an all-star cast which includes December (Blackest Ever Black/Pinkman), Vaal (Pale Blue Dot), TV.OUT (L.I.E.S.), Instruments of Discipline overlords Operant, Lost Highway, human bulldozer Ayarcana and our very own Greek tragedy: DJ Loser.
First time rerelease of 'III Hymne' by Jean Hoyoux.Remastered from the original 1984 mastertapes by Cochlea Mastering.Cut by Dubplates & Mastering.Cortizona002500 copies180 gr vinylcortizona · Jean Hoyoux III Hymne excerpts (cortizona 002)
Hypnagogic Surge by AmselysenHYPNAGOGIC SURGE by AMSELYSEN is a dense setup of signal interferences, of jacked up, spliced, reconstructed digital snippets, of outbursts whose amplitude overcooks the microphone's defenseless circuitry. Anxious with unreleased energy build-ups, the music is always pregnant with a double quality, something like a dagger made from ice, the possibility to shatter or crumble into a thousand shards combined with the looming threat of clean rupture posed by the blade's edge. Digital distortion is used here to unmask materials, to frontally attack them and expose their shimmering metallic face; pitch-time processing dilemmas get dodged by exploding into the high frequency gleam embedded but hidden in their algorithms. Completely removed from the "Lo-Fi" paradigm seeking warmth or nostalgia, the present degradation-reconstructions result in newly audible chirp figures, the sparkle of aliasing and the descent into the grainy territory of microscopic sound events. From a more panoramic perspective, these tracks are continually transforming contraptions, with looping frames accelerating, doubling, halting or stuttering, overloading, seemingly struggling to buffer, sometimes mixing with immiscible materials to form a glistening suspension of new sound material.
"CONFUSION AND SIMULATION feeling of disorientation a HYPERMODERN hymn for post-human ontology."