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1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP



Release date

Sep 20, 2022

Suzi is excited to announce its first EP “Too” from NYC based artist Downstairs J who recently released his debut record on Incienso.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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SUZIEP1 - BE - 2022





Mana 4000








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A Morphology Of Wonders by TimelashTimelash is the evolution of Embassador Dulgoon’s cryptozoological sci-fi opus ‘Hydrorion Remnants’ converging with Corum’s surreal sonic mapping as ‘Beguiling Isles’. The combined cinematic vision jettisons listeners through a psychedelic wormhole far beyond the usual perception of known audio latitude. Aguirre has gone all out to inject this tribal dino DNA double slab of wax presented as twelve expansive and mesmerizing tracks of historical mutations linking early communication developments with speculative astrobiological impressions heard as mysterious & riveting melodies that wash over dizzying percussive styles and suspenseful ambience. A variety of unexampled sounds take shape throughout as tectonic tablature, reptilian choral movements, bubbling bioluminescence, tube calls, orogenic bells, crustacean chatter, lost continent scales, high plains drifting riffs, and primordial soup lapping splashes revealing to listeners a living mural that is ’A Morphology of Wonders'. The conjuring of cratonic creature harmonics resonate wildly from this interdimensional duet, emerging as Neopangaea music of now- Zakira Luna, Psychic Sounds Research
Purveyor of lovecore, fabba and cakebeat, bestie and all-round DJ-inspo Angel D’lite blesses Ritual Poison with her ‘Re4mat’ EP.‘Werk My Body’ is a swirl of feminine energy, empowered vocals blending with hardcore breaks and hyper bass, a four four switch warping temporally before the track drops again. Local Group return the remix favour from their own recent EP, slowing ’Werk My Body’ to a 140 emo-banger, trance melodies sandwiching a proggy mid-section, the bass bumping throughout.‘R u Ready’ keeps the NRG and BPMs high, breakbeats rolling over booming sub and dubbed out rave stabs, the sexual charge of the female ragga vocal frank and unashamed. ‘Re4mat’ signs off, the hallowed B2. Drawing on rave anthems of the past, it looks boldly to the future. 
“This particular historical juncture holds possibilities for change that we’ve never before experienced,” declares Angela Davis, as the euphoria subsides for a moment. ‘Re4mat’ and start again.
The Dutch six piece put their heads together to create two laidback tunes full of atmosphere and organic magic that blend just the right amount of spontaneity and song craft. The band have honed their sound at home and on stage with sold-out shows in and around Amsterdam, including as support act for bands such as Jungle By Night.The A side track Loud N’ Stuff is one of those special moments when all the elements just fall into place, coming together in a hungover haze of new wave disco jams and dancing at their studio space in Haarlem. On the flip, Pada Pada combines tropical rhythms and percussion with lush chord progressions to perfectly soundtrack those cocktails by the pool on a wavy summer eve. Both tracks were recorded with Nic Mauskovic, with additional passes on the mixer for dubs and delays, to give the tracks an extra spacey sheen.