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No One Cares

No One Cares








1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM Maxi-Single



Release date

Sep 1, 2022

Available Tomorrow

Sep 19, 2022

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded

PRS08 - DK - 2022





0 Room For 1 (Made Some Space)








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Selva Discos keeps broadening horizons. Its next release celebrates the start of a new series called Novaterra, this time focused on showcasing the music of contemporary Brazilian artists. First up is Zopelar, known not only for his work with the anarchic-techno-punk act Teto Preto but also for the project My Girlfriend and his solo LP, both on Apron Records.The opener "Livre" has a great deep house vibe that makes you think of Prescription Records or Jazzanova, featuring a catchy bossa ad-lib. "NOX" is a Hammond-led tune with a groove bassline and lead that gets you going in no time as if Cesar Camargo Mariano and Larry Young toured together in the late 70's.
The GTT series is a platform that hosts experimental projects & artists in sound art. It is dedicated to support sound as a genre of its own - beyond the boundaries of music theory and free of any expectation. Just art. WOLFFRIEND is a collaboration project between Mischa Wolff (Von Abseits) and Daniel Harrison (Imaginary Friend). The two met each other in Berlin and discovered their mutual interest in beats, rap and sound art. When they moved in with each other last February they spent their first two weeks together in the studio. It resulted in an adventurous sound story called ‘Computers’ that brings listeners into a dimension of their own.
Daydreaming LP [BSUN005] by Haramia Tapes
3 remixes and 1 new track here.Davy Kehoe, from Dublin’s Wah Wah Wino delivers 2 remixes of Triangle Days, a highlight from Gilb’R’s LP On danse comme des fous. While the instrumental remix drives us into a melancholic vibe, where Davy uses harmonica in a subtle way as he did for his latest live show, the vocal mix is an unusual approach to remixing. Davy decided to add his own vocals on top of his mix, and arranged it in a different way. The result is that the track is brought into a total pop territory.Ruutu Poiss, an Amsterdam based Estonian producer has deconstructed Super Spreader, to rebuild it into a complex yet driving form of club music.And last but not least, Gilb’R offers L’inconscient rebel, an unreleased jam recorded live during the Triangle studio days in Amsterdam. Some latin electronics? Digital guaguancó? Definitly a weird groover.
New dog in the 777 pound! Join the "Low Poly Life (Level 1)" by Dogpatrol and experience some deep quirky percussive leftfield treats!
This mini LP is an explicit message from Lustpoderosa’s sonic continuum. These 7 tracks show the deep connection of Marlene Starks’ work as a writer and an artist to her role as mother and DJ in times when there is an urgent need to dismantle the patriarchy in our society and rave culture. Marlene Stark is telling us much more than a great musical story with the symbolic title “Hyäne". Marlene wants to direct our attention to a reviled creature while she reflects on its literary and symbolic meanings. Although hyenas live in a matriarchal society, its transmutation can be perceived as the ongoing struggle of the non-male body in an androcentric world view. Marlene Starks reinterprets the figure of the hyena in a very poetic, self-ironical and honest way, as shown in the tracks ‘Hungry As a Hunter’, ‘Hyäne’ and ‘Language Of Old Woman’. It’s a neo-ceremonial call to rethink established structures without missing out the turbulent landscape of today’s politics. From early trip-hop to post-rave elements, Stark combines her sonic adventures with an impressively nonchalant and colloquial vocabulary. Her voice, as well as the voice of guest singer Stefanie Mader, achieves a remarkable vocal structure that goes beyond the mainstream. This is the contemporary body music for the next generation.

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