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Adam Curtain
Elsitas Dreamland

Elsitas Dreamland




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Oct 10, 2022

Adam Curtain turns out a record of breaks, electro and bass-heavy tracks. Includes a 140 remix from the legendary Ciel and also a UK Funky tinged remix from Bakongo (aka Roska).

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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TRBLMKR12012 - UK - 2022


Elsitas Dreamland


Elsitas Dreamland (Ciel's Outta Tune Remix)




Rage in the Cage


Rage in the Cage (Bakongo Remix)

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Glimmering medieval weaponry forged, polished and brandished, Zhenya Lavrinov arrives to take us back in time and beyond the stars. As LVRIN, he appeared opposite Maoupa Mazzochetti on a split EP for Arma – but one pockmark in a scattering of machine-powered ruminations for respected, proudly underground labels – and now he returns to wield a new alias across five tracks of ominous, night-creeping sonics. The tracks making up Milky Way were recorded by Bryansk-based Lavrinov between 2013 and 2020, reflecting a side of his musical demanour not betrothed to the demands of the dancefloor. Golden Axe is far from ambient though – this is still resolutely rhythmic music spoken by specifically sculpted synths and powered by purposeful sequencers. There’s a cosmic theme at play here, but ‘Moon Influence’ speaks as much to ancient rites and man’s obsession with lunar forces as any space-age sci-fi symbolism you might associate with gurgling electronic patterns. ‘Rhythmbox From Space’ may be brimming with analogue freakery, but it’s also locked into a rhythmic mantra which tracks back to the dawn of humanity. Cementing the philosophy of the record visually, Milky Way comes clothed in a striking artwork by Alina Vinogradova. Lavrinov’s Golden Axe seems to hail from this very space depicted on the cover, speaking through time-honoured tools and revelling in universal mysticism as it opens a new chapter in his darkly seductive, psychosomatic music.
Welcome to the world of Dave Monolith! This is his 2011 debut album on Rephlex records, appearing on vinyl for the very first time! Smooth and funky melodic electro and warm synthy braindance. When this release just got released most people thought it was another project of Richard D James, but now,10 years later, we know better... Dave monolith is a master on his own! Quite amazing it is the 10 years anniversary of this release while it still sounds so fresh!
Man Made Hill/ Olaf split 7" by Man Made Hill/OlafPlanet Ontario traveller, Man Made Hill, meets Jeremy Greenspan at the controls for this sonic snack which weds signature sounds from the king of sleaze with a new sheen to his slick. Atomized melodies swirl atop boomy bass drops as the crusty crooner bellows & whispers his unique utterances of unbridled love & lust. A woozy stepper that must be heard to be comprehended.Mysterious newcomer, Olaf, is coming in hot & heady with this emotionally dense banger that forgoes clarity for an unhinged catharsis. Swimming through synthy miasma, Olaf’s impassioned vocals dive deep into raw feelings before coming up for air. A chugging, sluggish house beat pulls us along as this fresh-faced contender flexes what she’s got & leaves us wondering & wanting.
Performing throughout the 1980s as Art Carnage to the gloomy hipsters of Portland, Attilio Panissidi III decided he needed a vacation. The result of his creative escape became Art Takes A Holiday, an album of fabricated FM synthscapes and MIDI environments that embrace elements of smooth jazz, new age, and pop. Attilio had been playing in bands since he was thirteen, and had opened live shows for countless acts, from The Shangri-Las to Bruce Hornsby. The experience of producing, performing, as well as years spent writing for local music magazine The Downtowner, earned Attilio a gig to score a commercial film for a home security systems company. The opportunity allowed him to explore softer elements in his writing, and he created a suite of songs much deeper than the commission warranted. These instrumentals caught the attention of Marlon McClain (Dazz Band, Shock), who invited Attilio to produce and release the music onhis fledgling Nu-Vision label. Thus Art Takes A Holiday found its commercial release on cassette and CD in 1989. Although originally intended as soundtrack music, the album retains its own momentum, narrative and evocative imagery that betrays Attilio’s years of crafting songs. Attilio found a perfect ambience on this mythic retreat, somewhere between William Aura’s summer cottage on Half Moon Bay and DJ Alfredo’s Balearic island getaway.Séance Centre · Attilio - Art Takes a Holiday (MP004)
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