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Split Step




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Oct 20, 2022

The bermuda triangle of Berlin; a meeting of medicinal minds for the inaugural splitstep. Byron Yeates, Roza Terenzi & D, Tiffany come Tag-teaming and steaming with licks of flirty tech, hard house, pumping prog and sleek, freaky techno bouncing off the walls. A true melting pot of deeply burrowed memories of dance, the trio collaborate in various ways to propel a new age wave of dance music; a delicious mix of rough, tough and playfully feminine which embodies Step Ball Chain.

Cheers queers!

Gushing all over the A Side with a funk force of tech house, Roza Terenzi sticks her heels in and locks down The GrooveTM like no other, reduced tempo for the calm before the storm. Warming up the original just in time for the Byron Yeates remix; providing a stripped back, sped up, jacking rendition of Gush served hot and heavy. Bouncing into the B side, Byron causes the heat to rise to the top, Cauldron of Chaos simmering and ready to blow, use with caution. Rounding out this seriously hot record is Roza & D. Tiff with a tech leaning team up, Prude Pride hitting all the right spots for a manifested meltdown.

4 Club certified hitz, guaranteed to make you sweat. Don’t you dare sleep!

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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STEP06 - DE - 2022


Roza Terenzi - Gush


Roza Terenzi - Gush (Byron Yeates Remix)


Byron Yeates - Cauldron Of Chaos


Roza Terenzi - Prude Pride

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