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Don Cherry Okay Temiz Johnny Dyani Don Cherry Trio
Live in Paris - 1971 (The ORTF Recordings)

Live in Paris - 1971 (The ORTF Recordings)






1x Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition Numbered Remastered Stereo



Release date

Oct 5, 2023




Don Cherry Live in Paris - 1971 (The ORTF Recordings) on CAZ PLAK.

Don Cherry delves into Turkish rhythms, accompanied by his long-time Don Cherry Trio members: Turkish drummer Okay Temiz and South African bassist Johnny Dyani.

The vinyl LP is manufactured in Istanbul under the guidance of Mr. Okay Temiz, the only living member of this iteration of the Don Cherry Trio. The LP has been remastered from original material housed in BYG Records' vaults by Okay Temiz & Mert Ucer and licensed from BYG Records, France.

This LP features the recording by the Don Cherry Trio in Paris 1971 for the Sound and Vision program at the legendary ORTF studios in Paris 1971. Serving as the second chapter of our 'Turkish Jazz Trilogy', it follows Okay Temiz's magnum opus, 'Okay Temiz's Oriental Wind at Montreux Jazz Festival 1982' LP. We present one of the paramount Jazz figures of all time interpreting Turkish rhythms in Don Cherry Trio - The ORTF Recordings Paris 1971 LP

This release also stands as one of the most important recordings prior to Don Cherry's legendary "Organic Music Society" album in 1973, in which Okay Temiz also plays drums.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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CAZLP006 - TR - 2023


Okay's (Okay Temiz's Tune)



Dollar's (Dollar Brand's Tune)


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