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XL Middleton
Tap Water

Tap Water




1x Vinyl LP Album Repress Stereo



Release date

Jun 30, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes excluded, shipping price excluded

MOFUNK009 - US - 2023




Sunshine & Power Lines


High On Your Love


Exception To The Rule


I'm Ready




You Know It's True


Do Me Like That

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The unreleased 1984 follow-up to the groundbreaking albums Kakashi and Mariah's Utakata No Hibi, Kiren is Yasuaki Shimizu's work for experimental dance music. Employing cutting edge production to create lush new wave soundscapes, it bridges the gap between his early 80s recordings and his later work with the Saxophonettes, filling a key lost chapter in his discography. Full liner notes in English and Japanese by Chee Shimizu.
Through their music curation work at One Eye Witness, co-founder Hylke has been silently influencing the sounds that resonate in clubs and underground dance music record collections around the world.His newly created label Spectral Bounce takes it one step deeper, providing a platform for music imbued with eerie grooves and subtly expressive energy, capturing the listener right at their core.SPEC01 - Force of Nature - Is the fruit of the long-standing musical relationship and shared visions of producer and Selector RDS and Spectral Bounce, the perfect catalogue opener.Over four moody club-ready tracks, RDS dives into the sound of the after-hours, where minds are freed and darker energies are expressed. Both sides display perfectly controlled acid synthesis, heart-grabbing bass lines, cut-through drum sampling and an extremely textured and gritty mix. RDS' musical influences are clearly felt, harmoniously fusing UK 90s bleep techno, spacey tech house and dub with his own emotional perspective to club music.The Dutch producer's distinct dance floor sound is here captured in its essence, processed through his expressive electronic machines while controlling tempo and energy in a unique manner. This EP is a sonic statement, offering the listener the Spectral Bounce sound.
Newest V/A release from Georgian label SATZ, featuring tracks by Troy, victor.b, and Trotsky.
Classic boogie-funk from the production vault of Patrick Cann's Pressure Recording enterprise, including 'I Like It' original mix / instrumental, and a previously unreleased mix from the same 1982 recording session at Livingston Studios, Wood Green. This single is a forerunner to the forthcoming Intrigue compilation featuring previously unreleased material alongside the group's sought-after early to mid-80s works.