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Air Conditionné

Air Conditionné






1x Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition



Release date

Oct 20, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes excluded, shipping price excluded

ROM001 - CA - 2023


L'air conditionné


les Garçons




MTL solo




bruits de fond.






40 fois *




J'ai rien d'autre à vivre.

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INDEX:Records is blessed to announce the homecoming of Ike. It’s been a wee while since his last full club outing, but we welcome him back to this realm with open-arms.Lacing up with chuggy system-rattler 'Vernis VIP', Pulsar is a symbiosis of palpitating-wub and delicate, soft melody. On 'Rose Quartz', perfectly sedated drums are melded with luscious vox – a gratifying release to bass-driven tension-builder, 'Gage'. Mushing a cherry immaculately on top is a Mathis Ruffing indulgence ('Gage Remix'), who treats us to a frenzied yet controlled excursion into DnB hedonism.
Creak​-​whoosh (Estonian, Ingrian and Votian song re​-​imagined in Australia by Olev Muska and Mihkel Tartu)‘Creak Whoosh’ is a collection of choral ballads originating in the Finno-Ugric regions of Estonia and Ingria, electronically adapted predominantly by Olev Muska and Mihkel Tartu, based around the contemporary arrangements of Veljo Tormis.Originally established as ‘Kiri-uu’, the project was undertaken by the children of Estonian refugees, most of whom grew up over 8,000 miles away in the metropolis of Sydney, Australia. With the majority having never visited the land of their ancestors prior to the tour of 1989, the first generations reshaping of these ancient folk tales conveys Seeger’s process amidst displacement and its subsequent fringe-culture. Estonian bards are carried forth this time into the 21st century, a revised selection of the original 1988 recordings accompanied by ‘Tšimmairuudiralla’ allowing for new perspectives and, perhaps crucially, a truly global audience.
"Echoes" is the Ethno-Wave love child of collaborators Frank Harris & Maria Marquez. A collection of sublime songs dating back to '85, avante-pop flourishes are married here to the heart strings of a synthetic Amazon- think MFM's "Outro Tempo" meets a tropical Sade. With much contemporary interest in South American electronic music, Echoes is a window into two musicians prescient dreamings of tradition, melody & technology.
After 2 quiet years, Mélodies Souterraines strikes hard! A very soft opus under the sign of Europa and its Japanese reflections. Influencing the direction of "K/L" - Miyako Koda's 'Sleep In Peace' (prod. Haruomi Hosono) defined the color of the following 40min. new wave comp. Incl. music by Electrodelia, Andy Rantzen, Jan Schulte, Zmatsutsi, Tolouse Low Trax or rare-as-teeth hit 'Analyze' by TASE... Probably the most sophisticated record of the series: In-motion, elegant, nocturnal. 300ex + insert & art by french underground graphic group Bazooka.
8-Infinities represents Discos Transgénero’s first contemporary release after several reissues and archival projects. Stepping away from customary North-American guitar traditions, Ameel Brecht (core member of Razen) presents an utterly singular take on early European music with an album which evokes the inner conflicts of growing up and their connection to the concerns of fatherhood.A classically trained musician, Brecht resorts once again to the use of resophonic guitars and mandolins as a way of finding a middle ground between the virtues of being a schooled musician and the ability to escape pre-established tendencies in pursuit of what he has referred to as ‘metaphysical freeform string music’.Additionally, the album features a series of fascinating and subtly merged contributions by label associates Marnie Weber and Jabir, along with Bob Rutman’s distinguished steel cello and Walter Hus’ automated glockenspiel. Echoing the likes of Renaissance and Baroque music on plucked instruments, Brecht assembles here a collection of timeless compositions.