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SnP 500



SnP 500






1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM



Release date

Nov 9, 2023



Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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DOO767 - CA - 2023





Splean Addition





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To prepare for "That Who Remembers", Dorisburg (aka Alexander Berg) and Sebastian Mullaert set up their equipment in Malmo's empty Inkonst venue, spending several days immersed in its atmosphere, using the lights, smoke machine, and Soundsystem to create an authentic club environment where they could freely improvise. The result is a suite of free-flowing sounds that draws on both artists' backgrounds in reduced techno and ambient music, sailing thoughtfully through near-future landscapes and punctuating them with shimmering, kosmische textures, decaying sonic memories, and fragile rhythms. Not dance music exactly, it's music that instead considers the spirit of an empty dancefloor, wondering which elements might remain when feet have left the building entirely. It's hardly surprising that the record is coming via Donato Dozzy and Neel's adventurous Spazio Disponibile imprint. "We recorded at full club volume with massive bass, but our references had gradually shifted to the point where just adding a soft kick drum would feel like peak-time techno. So even though the final recordings are quite soft and ambient, the energy we felt during the recording was often quite intense."
First full release by BSS (Luigi Vittorio Jansen) on Hivern following contributions to both 'Fragments' and 'Hivernation' projects. 'Bredius' showcases four tracks whose common thread is a detailed sound design of electrified percussion and a delicate and emotional approach to melodies. The EP will be available in two different versions: a standard one and a limited edition with the covers printed at l'Anacronica in Barcelona. Both artworks designed by Luigi himself.
Grain – Tw0 Zer0s is released on vinyl for the first time just in time for it's 25th anniversary. Grain was a west coast project that emerged out of the psychedelic music and art scenes in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. After a few of their tracks were featured on the key chill out compilations United State of Ambience 1&2 and Excursions in Ambience and many local live performances, they released two ep's on local labels. Shortly after in 1998, 'Two Zeroes' the full length project appeared. A west coast chill out classic that unfortunately did not get much disribution outside the west coast let alone to the world. To classify this album is very hard. Think early Jammin Unit with a touch of the Orb and dash of west coast breakbeat and chill out styles and you still can't fully pin it down. A unique album that sonically, was leaps and bounds ahead of most albums in this style thanks to sound designer, audio instalation architect, scientist and produced Jimmy Johnson along with illustrator and fellow sonic explorer Peter Ehrlich. Featured on double vinyl with updated artwork by the original designer, Kevin Hanley and presented on beautiful gatefold with a shimmering silver vinyl to match. This could be one of the discoveries of the year for those that have never heard this album.
Coming from the UK, the talented musician and producer Tom Burford aka Contours. On this six tracker, he showcases some of his essence, from chill to joyful beats, with organic percs, acidic synths, and an overall mesmerising vibe.
Collector item Italian Disco 5 track EP by singer Paola Belloni recorded in her early teens, originally from 1985, official re-issue, remastered.