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Congress Productions EP

Congress Productions EP






1x Vinyl 12" 45 RPM



Release date

Jun 30, 2023

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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BK084 - UK - 2023





Kevin's Funk



Live It Up



Live It Up (Instrumental)


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There is a parallel, submerged dimension in which musicians meet when they improvise. Sound microcosms emerge in those moments, and this is precisely the magic that BOTTAZZ! wanted to photograph in their first album: BOTTAZZ! VOL.1.A "live" album, capable of transmitting spontaneity, sonic truths, empathy, feelings; ingredients that are difficult to transmit by recording the instruments individually or with other techniques.Recorded in the historic "Auditorium 900" studios, a true time machine, as well as an institution for music in Naples. Auditorium 900 took up the challenge in the figure of sound engineer Fabrizio Piccolo and from here the sound of BOTTAZZ was born!A sound made up of lysergic Funk trips, 70's influences in all possible nuances: from progressive funk to Santana's Hispanic rock, up to touching its darkest and most hidden latitudes; audio waves influenced by the soundtracks of the cinematography linked to those times, organs, synths, percussion and wah wah guitars, which generate a melting pot in which nothing is taken for granted.BOTTAZZ! VOL.1 is a ship's diary, a journey into which each sailor has inserted its own emotions accumulated over the years, thus giving us a sincere and genuine record.
Pellegrino & Zodyaco, with their new single 'Malìa', continue the aesthetic and sonic journey of the project led by the Neapolitan producer, with a mixture of Neapolitan disco-funk and fusion steeped in Latin flavour that already explored the innermost corners of the soul with 'Quimere'. This new work captures the frenzy and vibrant character of Naples, with its rarefied atmospheres and infectious groove that evoke the beating heart of the city and take us on a journey through the wonder of life in search of the Mediterranean essence.The 'Malìa' is enchanting, it’s that mysterious force that hides deep inside, transforming itself into a vortex of emotions through the fusion of involving rhythms and reflections on inner battles, on the importance of finding the 'light' to overcome conflicts and difficulties that hinder the ability to choose, a dreamlike mirage that opens a window on human vulnerability, a hymn to authenticity, to self-acceptance.The celebration of dance in the Caribbean Escapade version is also an exhortation to escape from everyday life; it takes us into a sonic imagery that plays with the Neapolitan musical tradition and the freshness of Caribbean and Latin sounds. This summer single becomes an ode to the vital energy of dance music: there is no more time for hesitation, one must let oneself be carried away by the enthralling embrace of 'Malìa', like a call to awareness and the search for authenticity in life. Malìa becomes the guiding thread, the mystery that urges us to go beyond the confines of everyday life, to explore and celebrate the complexity of existence.
Chuwanaga proudly presents Jasual Cazz's inaugural album "Memory Guard". Delving into the heart of jazz fusion, the French trio bridges the nostalgia of bygone years and the avant-garde essence of tomorrow.Memory Guard surely brings some flavours of the seventies and eighties era with their vintage synthesizers. "Better Before", the joyful "Double Comète" or even "Tell Tale" re-enact this legacy while keeping it always groovy and thoughtful.But, as if plucked from the ethereal realm of dreams, "Tell Tale", "Mèches" or "Libellule" sound like hidden places, mysterious pieces of music and time where the memory moves forwards.In the meantime, "Temple", "Jungle Meat" or "L'Arche" venture into modern sonic realms, embracing post-jungle influences that propel jazz into uncharted territories. Body and mind can now synchronize.Painting an auditory landscape that unfolds in a myriad of hues and forms, Memory Guard really follows the inventiveness of the actual jazz scene but with the emotional intelligence of the French jazz-funk heritage.Jasual Cazz is the brainchild of Theo Boero on bass, Pierre-Louis Vanier on keys, and Japhet Boristhene on drums, hailing from the vibrant city of Lyon, France.
Mofak is an artist from Marseille (France) who has been active in the world of Funk and G-Funk for many years, mastering the art of the Talk Box to perfection. After collaborating with major artists such as X-zibit, Kurupt & McEight, he's back with a solo project.His music is even more open, with not only a Funk and G-Funk sound but also a Nu-Disco flavour that brings together even more generations and audiences.There's no doubt that fans and newcomers alike will find something to enjoy.