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Rig Thrall
Lost Dialogs

Lost Dialogs




1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Jan 7, 2023

La Rama is back on wax with two original compositions from local producer/DJ Rig Thrall. We first linked up with the Rakya crew member at the shop and soon after released his music on a limited run 10” named ‘Exit 19’ via our La Rama Dubs sub label. We kept in touch, and when an assortment of unreleased material caught our ears, we quickly jumped on the opportunity to get working on this 4th record on our label.

‘Broken Guru’ drones and grooves you through the cavernous depths, out in to the open, where the clouds part and a voice reaffirms that you are on the right path. From here we dive back into the depths, with the full confidence that this is the right path.

Thanks to two Roman legends, we have variations on the theme of ‘Broken Guru’. Marco Passarani delivers the masterful hyper dance floor club dub with his many years of experience clearly on display… play it out and you will see that this is some kind of sorcery. In speaking of magic, we are honoured to have the one and only Lory D serve us up a bass heavy re-interpretation, recorded in one pass through his live rig and edited to perfection.

‘Acidly Dose’ is the second original from Rig Thrall, an acid infused beat of the highest order with all the necessary elements to give the room a communal high.

Out on the 6th of January 2024, mastered by Nik Kozub, manufactured and distributed by La Rama Records. Much love to all the distros, shops, DJs, radio players, jam organizers, rave goers… may these tunes add to the life of your party :-)

releases January 6, 2024

Music by Rig Thrall
Remixes by Marco Passarani & Lory D
Mastered by Nik Kozub
Graphic design by KG
Manufactured & Distributed by La Rama Records

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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LARAMA004 - CA - 2024


Broken Guru


Broken Guru (Passarani Club Dub)


Acidyll Dose


Broken Guru (Lory D Remix)

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