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Blue Hawaii





1x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Mar 5, 2013

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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ABT031 - CA - 2013





Try To Be



In Two



In Two II



Sweet Tooth



Sierra Lift



Yours To Keep









Reaction II



The Other Day


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Leo was born in 1972 and at the age of 15 discovered his passion for electronic music creating his first loops thanks to his Commodore Vic 20 and 64, spreading his own sound in the city when it was impossible to find in Rome any trace of electronic beats.Soon after he became a true collector of analogue synthesizers with a serious approach in the study of modular synthesis which led him to develop unique skills as we have recognition of them from his early works for ACV records: Attack Random, Riders Of the Future, Noise Generation, Muta, Cannibald and Aeon are still a milestones for nowadays electronic music aficionados.1989 marked the birth of The Sound of Rome, when Leo met Lory D in a small garage bringing life to a universal and alternative music movement who diffused Techno Music in Rome and all over Italy, pushing these two wizards behind the decks playing along the like of Dave Clarke, Joey Beltram, Robert Armani and UR among others.In 1995 Leo decided to cut his relationship with ACV records and moved to Rephlex, Aphex Twin’s record label, starting touring with the Rephlex group after the Void album. Ten years later Leo recorded his first single for a new project: Cannibald Records.Back to Life main target is to focus on house and techno classics reissue, and the mission continue with the official reissue of 1991 Leo's Noise Generation, a true special record that snaps an unforgettable highlight in the rave scene.
Turbulent synths ooze and oscillate, roaming like searchlight beacons across darkened shores. The experimental and idiosyncratic sound of duo Inkasso explores the feeling of being cast adrift in disorientating, mechanical worlds. In the studio, the pair jam with drills, string instruments, field recordings and everyday objects to create a hypnotic cacophony. Hear the penny drop on ‘Asso,’ chains rattle on ‘Träume aus Draht;’ the junglist murk of ‘Tag der Imker,’ and the sharp, crystalline beat of ‘Punkervirtel.’ Inkasso invites you to get lost in the uncanny spaces between dub, drone and techno; static introspection and the primal desire to dance.
"QUINZE" -"fifteen" in Catalan- is the title of the new release from Barcelona’s Lapsus Records. Lapsus celebrates its fifteenth anniversary with the launch of a new compilation comprised of today’s most compelling, experimental and ground-breaking electronic music. Fifteen unreleased songs from artists that best define the Lapsus sound: Attraktta, Chevel, Gábor Lázár, Gacha Bakradze, Johanna Knutsson, Karen Gwyer, Leif, Machine Woman, Patricia, Pye Corner Audio, RRUCCULLA, Steve Hauschildt, Telefon Tel Aviv, The Belgium and Ylia.
Fathers & Sons Productions is back in the game! After several years on hiatus, the Spanish label has returned with a freshly baked record entitled "FAS012+1". The catalog number undoubtedly holds significance for some, and the release is being led by none other than Julian Perez himself. So you know it's gonna be extra special! The album comprises three original tracks and a powerful edit of an iconic Spanish group from the late 80s and early 90s linked to Ibiza, taking us back to the original source, back to where it all started.
Erik Wøllo is a unique Norwegian musician that has been active since 1980, covering a wide range of styles but mostly known for his very personal take on electronic ambient music.In Silver Beach, gentle rhythms hold center for lush beautiful melodies to unfold, manifesting a restrained elegance in the way the chords hover around this percolating heartbeat. The result is synthetic walkabout music, an album of simple yet vibrant sophistication, perfect for wandering around or sitting contemplating imaginary beautiful vistas with eyes closed. These seventeen stunning tracks create a sense of ceaseless motion without arrival, the pleasure of traveling without destination: walking on an outer limits beach.An early electronic music masterpiece, it was made using the latest MIDI technology at that time. Everything was composed and recorded on the now vintage Roland MSQ700, and all the diverse synths and rack modules were mixed directly down to 2 track analog tape (no multitrack tape was used).The original Silver Beach album was released on vinyl on the Norwegian label Cicada Records in 1986. In 1988 the album was released on CD (also Cicada) and included the additional and very rhythmical tracks “Little Big Tune” and “Mountain Train.” The album was also re-released on CD on the Spanish label Margen Records in 2005, remastered and fine-tuned with 5 additional previously unreleased tracks from the same era. These tunes just refuse to be forgotten, their glittering beauty having both an air of nostalgia, but also of validity, as they continue to haunt new ears. There's no doubt that this is a classic of European eighties electronic music composition, a polished artwork with the best aesthetic and emotional signifiers of its era.