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1x Vinyl LP

Release date

Oct 14, 2022


Following the success of their GRAMMY-nominated 2020 EP Toner, post-punk London trio PVA release stunning debut album BLUSH.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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ZEN286C - UK - 2022

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Do you have something to lose? Maybe the kind of love that makes you understand there is more to life than getting lost in the bluish fog of yet another smoked-out bar? Berlin’s very own Better Person, the silent prince of the city’s international late-night underground pop scene has found it. He’s found the kind of love that elevates existence and makes the whole world light up in lush colours, suddenly making sense. The kind of love that turns you into the version of yourself you were destined to be. The kind of love that makes you a better person.Better Person is the moniker of Berlin-based Polish singer and balladeer Adam Byczkowski. After his 2016 EP It’s Only You captured the sound of late night intoxication and devastated croons to an empty dance floor, the singer toured relentlessly, traveling all over Europe, North America and Asia, moving and living in Montreal, Los Angeles and returning, time and time again, to Berlin. Somewhere in between these divergent cities he fell in love, and this love would become the centerpiece and inspiration for his long-awaited debut album.
The Return of 'The Nightstalker', a Childhood Intelligence endeavor written/produced by Dan Piu & Gary Rich (2022). The second album «Genetic Constitution» is the sequel of «The Tragedies Of A High-Tech World» (2020), in which the Nightstalker continues to manifest its mystic dystopian electronic prophecies. Full of haunted melodies, cinematic compositions and passages of hope and despair.
Toronto based Emissive brings his inimitable sound to Aronia Records with a new four track EP. Unseen Measures is a collection of music distinct in tempo and timbre but unified by an emotive quality that is characteristic of Emissive’s productions. Oxygen Contact sets the pace with undulating synth swirls and metallic clangs backed by a steady rhythmic pulse. Grannr carries the vibe with a distorted and compressed drum pattern, flowering into a cathartic chord progression.The mood swells with Uplink’s shimmering synths and twinkling melodies bursting with peak time energy. This euphoria tapers off to a sensual comedown in the form of an eleven minute meditation on the dance floor, closing off the record with a Resounding Yes of hypnotic loops and rhythms.
YUNG DUMB Records and Model Future present Wade Galaxy. A collaboration between Toronto-based AZARI, Butr, and vocalist Jeremy Glenn. The trifecta comes forward with an EP that will bring you through a modular soundscape of love, lust, and distrust inside the hypercube. The A-Side is a hazy fusion of R&B and slowed electro, accompanied by Jeremy Glenn's ethereal vocals. The B-Side provides a room shaking cerebral 2-step remix of 'Phaze' by James Bangura of Black Rave Culture via Washington, DC.
Welcome to BM-18 the biokinetic realm created by Dana Kuehr, a lush audio environment where organic and synthesized matter coalesce. As we float disembodied above this verdant pixel plain, Dana offers us shifting repetitions and sequences in disguise, each track a landscape within a world created in the utmost detail, from the minute bleeps and chirps to the enveloping and bumping bouncy basslines. Flickering drums explode like dandelion seeds in a breeze, searching for a place to lay, grow, and flourish. Sounds are captured (fingers tapping, rain patter, Belgian parakeets released from a '70s zoo, vocal oohs and ahhs) and hybridized with patterns, samples, and musical manoeuvres (jungle breaks, west coast hip hop, layered drums, IDM crunch and twinkle, reverb, delay, '90s R&B, underwater video game soundscapes).