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VOAM 008


1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM



Release date

Nov 5, 2021

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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VOAM 008 - UK - 2021





Thermal Decomposition



Volatile Substance



Solid Residue


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This 4 tracker is the 2nd outing on the now legendary Evasive Records imprint out of Croydon, South London in the late 90’s and early Noughties. Pyramids sees Evasive label boss Rob Pearson team up with Leonora Epremian (AKA Autonomy) and his regular production partner Lee Humphreys.Lee Humphreys had set up his new recording studio in Thanham a remote part of the German countryside just under 2 hours outside Munich and was outputting some amazing tracks in his new creative space Tofu Studios. Meanwhile back in London, UK, Rob quickly snapped up 3 of Lee’s tracks for this EP, ‘Rendered’, 'A Big Issue’ and’4 Faze’. At the same time Rob and Lenonora Epremian were working on multiple music projects at Evasive headquarters Online Studios in Croydon and the cut ‘Future Drift’ saw their styles combine to give us the 4th track of this mixed artist EP. Evasive was starting to shape and create its early South London Tech House sound, something that can be heard clearly emanating throughout this 4 track release.
As cult as it gets when it comes to library music, the Klaus Weiss sound was built on top of sometimes funky, sometimes frenetic, but always hard-hitting drums. AND YET! Open Space Motion departs from his drum-heavy approach by being completely...BEATLESS! That's right, the virtuoso beat smith, Mr "drumcrazy of Deutschland", a man known for snapping necks at will, crafted one of the most horizontally sumptuous, elegantly sweeping electronic masterpieces, sans-drums, a good decade before chill-out rooms became a thing. It features organic instruments married to pulsing synth bass atop brilliantly subdued yet irresistibly funky percussion. Possessing a very special vibe, that's at once futuristic yet cinematic, it overflows with atmosphere.
Le temps lent by Enfant MagiqueSlowing down time with Eric GingrasThe simple acoustic guitar plucks out a lulling back-and-forth, accompanying a voice that seems to arrive from another, far-off era. Elsewhere, the guitar moves around in the background, repetitive and drawn-out. But here, alone, it takes the time to find its rightful place, much like the deceptive simplicity of a hand-made quilt. This humbly whimsical patchwork seeks out form, succeeds, and is reunited with the voice. Articulate and elastic, it sometimes crisscrosses, sometimes circumnavigates this landscape of song both subtle and rich. Its clear lines of flight point to a remote village and its recent arrivals, a motley crew of hybrid things and beings: woolly sheep, beat-up robots, small synthetic drums, minimalist jaw harps, obsessive alarms, light footsteps on a gravel path, a few propellers, many layers of slow time.The sea’s waves break against this shoreline where our mutant from the 1970s seems to have washed up. He isn’t looking for a fight, and he isn’t looking to show off. However, as the custodian of utopian leftovers from an open agreement between artifice and artful making, he is clever and skillful in a thousand and one little ways. His voice is stubbornly discreet, but also able to take flight, carrying with it words devoid of preciosity and over-categorization. This is a voice that prefers attention to affectation. Bresson-like, it knows how to recount when recounting is needed, articulating both quivering fatigue and deep doubt.Joined now by others, the mutant feels supported, loved. He withdraws, and an assertive, childlike voice moves into the foreground. The mutant accompanies, discreet but fully present. And what better medium for this finely woven poetry and play of childhood’s expression, both clumsy and bold.- Anne Lardeux (translated from French by Simon Brown)
In anticipation of the 35th anniversary next year one of electronic music's most influential recordings, the legendary E2-E4, from 12.12.1981 does get an official rerelease by Manuel Göttsching on his own Label MG.ART. LP 180g, beautiful embossed Chess Board Artwork Print, inner sleeve with artist picture and text by David Elliott.
Clutter is Jean Jacques’s debut EP and in his own words “his first attempt to translate emotions and experiences into tracks”. While each of the four tracks has its own character and atmosphere, the end result is a very coherent body of work that can be broken down into two moods with a driving and unforgiving A side that is subtly balanced by a moody and dreamy B side.
“Somaesthesia” is for the body, for how the body feels and how the body communicates with its soul. It was written through a year of growth and sickness, which stimmed inflection to a body at rest, a body aroused, a body communicating needs, a body happy, a homeostatic body, a friend body.These four songs drift through different dimensions of somatic sensation. Deep corporal sensuality, spectrums of control of self, identity, and their relation to others, plateau, release, extra sensorial touch, extraterrestrial encounter, novelty, experiment, finding self where you thought you stood alone, finding self in bass, basing self in body.Do not disembody, hold closeness to body, trust body, body as a litmus, body as a truth, truth as unmovable, unmovable as grounded, rooted, dense body, flesh body, REAL body, this is your body, feel your body feel.