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Manuel Göttsching
E2-E4 (35th Anniversary Edition)

E2-E4 (35th Anniversary Edition)




MG.ART 904


1x Vinyl LP Album Reissue



Release date

Sep 1, 2016

E2-E4 by Manuel Göttsching on MG.ART.

In anticipation of the 35th anniversary next year one of electronic music's most influential recordings, the legendary E2-E4, from 12.12.1981 does get an official rerelease by Manuel Göttsching on his own Label MG.ART. LP 180g, beautiful embossed Chess Board Artwork Print, inner sleeve with artist picture and text by David Elliott.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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MGART904 - DE - 1984/2021RP


Ruhige Nervosität


Gemäßigter Aufbruch


... Und Mittelspiel






Ehrenvoller Kampf


Hoheit Weicht (Nicht Ohne Schwung...)


... Und Souveränität



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