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PU's Remixes

PU's Remixes








1x Vinyl 10" 45 RPM



Release date

Aug 18, 2023



Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes excluded, shipping price excluded

NES05 - DK - 2023


Forte - Flip (Popup Remix)


En Anden - En Ting (PU's Remix)

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Griffit Vigo has been producing music since 2004 and spearheaded the sound of gqom in the early 2010s alongside artists such as DJ Lag, Rudeboyz, Emo Kid, and Dominowe. Predominantly releasing on Gqom Oh!, it was Vigo’s singles ’Ree’s Vibe’ and ‘DJ’ that cemented his reputation and helped gqom go on to become something of a global phenomenon with its intense, heavily syncopated style of dance music filtering into the work of producers around the world.
After a successful series of party’s Leeds based 'On The Button' launches it's first release from rising Yorkshire born producer Miles.Miles encapsulates the identity of the brand with a varied clubby EP. Each track has a different energy and groove but tie together perfectly on this well rounded 4 tracker.
Two years have passed since their previous Inflict LP and we don’t really know how what recently happened impacted on the band’s mastermind Michael but what’s sure is that Veil Of Light are now a fully grown-up band.Landslide is their fifth full-length (and their third on Avant!) and it’s definitely their most elaborated album.Ten new songs, rather than the usual eight, with a perfect balance of Coldwave-inspired intimate atmosphere and synthpop catchy melodies. Musically speaking it’s still clear where the Swiss duo draws their influences from, right in between New Order’s moodiness and The Klinik trying one softer, less brutal approach to their Electro. But a new sense of privacy is reflected all through these new tracks, enhanced by lyrics now more personal than ever.The Prayer Wheel is a page torn out of a private diary, Love And Money is a mechanical mantra for a no-way-out situation; Suburban War is a confession of defeat whispered at night, No Return is the last dance before reaching the point of.This is the kind of record that takes its time, and takes its toll, we just need to sit down and listen because there’s much to discover.
“For Playful Manners” is a new label run by Raquel Rivera-Lys aka Adi from Colombia and Basic Moves head honcho Michiel Claus aka Walrus from Brussels. Dreamt up spontaneously during a shared afternoon of listening to music in Berlin, the label’s manners centre on the feelings of friendship and fun in music, though its feet are always itching for the dancefloor and its various scenarios, while its head is turned firmly towards the future. Crisp music is the message every time, with each split EP also thoughtfully balanced: male/female, machine/soul, robot/alien, flower/tree... The artwork takes the form of a puzzle, which has to be solved to discover the tracks and their makers. Let’s play!